NEU CP, ECP, NEU MTN, EMTN obligations: In order to supply the investors demand, BFCM provides a wide and diversified range of debt programs.

As a committed and socially responsible actor, Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale is developing its SMR policy and complements it with BFCM's green and social bond program designed to finance a sustainable economy.

Crédit Mutuel Home Loan SFH is the AAA issuing entity, 99.9% owned by the BFCM. Its sole purpose is to contribute to the refinancing of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale by issuing bonds secured by the banking network's real estate loans.

A variety of funding sources

The BFCM is diversifying its sources of financing by accessing different debt markets.


Debt Programs
Issuer Type Program size
BFCM ECP €25bn
CIC London CD €25bn
BFCM EMTN (including Green, Social and Sustainability Bonds) €90bn
BFCM 144A $15bn
BFCM Samurai /
Crédit Mutuel Home Loan SFH Covered bond €70bn